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Dell Admits to Shipping Stinky Laptops

Dell has confirmed that, due to a manufacturing fault, an unknown number of laptops shipped with an unpleasant smell. Many users who complained about the odor likened it to cat urine. The problem affected the Latitude E6430. The first complaints ... appeared online this past June, with one person insisting their laptop smelled "as if it was assembled near a tomcat's litter box." (Source: ) The stink was so bad that one customer who used his laptop for business said he no longer dared switch on the machine for fear of grossing out his clients. At first Dell approached the issue on the ... (view more)

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Voting Poll Results, Plus Answers to FAQs

Regarding our vote on February 15, 2012 -- I have read approximately 1,000 comments from readers, along with their ballots. I will provide insight with regard to the findings, as well as address some issues. This post is approximately 1,500 words. I ... realize some of you won't want to read all of it and just want the results. So, I would like to begin by saying this: According to the results of the vote, I am pleased to announce that Infopackets will remain online. Moving forward: all users will retain access to everything that they have now and well into the future. This includes free access ... (view more)

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Web page doesn't fit properly when printed?, Part 2

Recall -- Last newsletter, Infopackets Reader Frank C. asked if there was a way to make a web page 'fit' properly on a page when printed: " I enjoy reading your newsletter very much. Whenever I find a particularly interesting topic, I like to make a ... hardcopy for later reference. Unfortunately, some of the information on the web page gets cut off when my printer goes to print the page (this also happens to me with other web sites). Is there a way I get around this problem? " I suggested 2 methods using Internet Explorer (adjusting margins and printing in Portrait mode, or try ... (view more)

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Freeware envelope printing utility?, Part 2

Recall -- Earlier this month Infopackets Reader Joan L. asked if I knew of a freeware envelope printing program. She wrote: " Hi Dennis! I really do enjoy reading all of your letters and find your newsletter very informative -- I have learnt a great ... deal. I usually type out the address in MS Word and then print out the envelope, but this is done using trial an error and I often waste a few envelopes along the way. I know you have many questions to answer, but I am sure other Readers are in the same boat as I am. Many thanks if you could point me in the right direction! " In my ... (view more)

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CD Burner won't write at maximum recording speed?, Part 2

Last week, Ben M. from Australia wrote about a problem he was having with his 40x CD burner not being able to write at maximum speed under Windows XP. Ben's main problem: both Roxio Easy CD Creator and Nero Burning ROM (CD burning software) only ... allow the burner to write at 16x instead of 40x write speed. Ben's computer is running Windows XP with 256 meg RAM on a 1.7 GHz machine and a 40 gig [7200 RPM] hard drive. In short, here's what Ben has already tried: Replaced the burner with another (same model / brand); Changed the buffer size for CDFS (CD File System) under Windows XP; Updated both ... (view more)

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Remove Forwarding Brackets from Outlook Express emails, Part 2

Last week, Frank N. asked: " I save certain email that has been forwarded and contains angle brackets (>), line brakes and extra spaces. Cleaning this mess line by line and each symbol (>) is time consuming but sometimes necessary. Is there an ... easier way to do this? " I suggested that Frank can remove the forwarding brackets by setting a few options in Outlook Express. Unfortunately, this does not remove the existing brackets already present in the email. Of course, Infopackets Readers were on their toes and sent in some really great suggestions: (Popular pick): J.C. Tremblay ... (view more)

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