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New Hack Gives XP SP2 Users Access to Microsoft Support

Microsoft two weeks ago cut support for its Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), essentially leaving millions of XP users without software updates to patch MS Windows from exploits (and hackers). However, a security researcher has revealed a new hack ... that can help SP2 users get access to the support many thought was forever lost. Microsoft's decision to cut tech support for SP2 was a controversial move, particularly when a shortcut flaw affecting the operating system emerged at the same time. SP2 users remain more exposed than users of Windows XP SP3 through Windows 7. (Source: ) ... (view more)

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Windows Needs Alternative to Adobe, Security Expert Says

For most of us, opening a PDF (portable document file) means we're forced to use Adobe Reader, the most prominent application associated with viewing PDF files. Unfortunately, programs like Adobe Reader are often targeted by hackers, and one ... security expert believes Microsoft should offer an alternative for its users. According to Sean Sullivan, security advisor for Finland's antivirus firm F-Secure, Microsoft's competition has already beaten them to the idea. "Apple does this with its Preview [application], and Microsoft should, too," Sullivan said. (Source: ) Security ... (view more)

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