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MySQL Acquired by Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems Inc. agreed to acquire MySQL AB, developers of open source databases for about $1 billion -- about $800 million in cash in exchange for all MySQL stock and to assume about $200 million in options. The transaction is reportedly ... expected to close late in the third quarter or early in the fourth quarter of this year. Sun Microsystems Inc., based in Santa Clara, CA said the acquisition accelerates its position in enterprise IT to now include the database market, saying MySQL "will bring synergies to Sun that will change the landscape of the software industry by driving new ... (view more)

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Java Wont Run on My Windows XP?

Infopackets Reader Pam S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I love your newsletter and it has helped me very much! One problem I've been having with my computer is the inability to run Java Scripts over the web. When my computer tries to initiate Java, a ... Window appears and tells me that it is missing shortcuts and cannot continue to run. I was told by a friend that I will have to reformat and possibly change operating systems ... I found that Windows 2000 was too difficult to use, so at this point, I reformatted and installed Windows XP Pro. Will I have to reformat again? " My response: As I ... (view more)

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