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EU Forces Web Hosts to Take Down Terror Content

Internet hosting providers will have just one hour to remove terrorist content after a government request under new European laws. It's raised fears some sites may get caught up potentially faulty content filters. The law is a European Union ... regulation that will take effect in Spring 2022. It will automatically apply in all European Union countries and will be based on where a website is hosted rather than where its operators are based. A press release announcing the regulation says it covers any content (both text and audio or video) that will "that incite, solicit or contribute to terrorist ... (view more)

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Politician: Tech Firms Should Fight Terror or Pay Tax

A politician says online companies that don't do enough to help fight terrorism should be punished through the tax system. Ben Wallace's argument is based on the idea that one-off fines don't make enough difference to hugely profitable companies. ... Ben Wallace, a British government politician responsible for security issues, called technology companies "ruthless profiteers" in an interview with the Sunday Times. He complained about some companies refusing to hand over details of users alleged to have encouraged or incited terrorism, saying the companies "will ruthlessly sell our ... (view more)

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Tech Giants Unite to Take Down Terrorist Posts

Some of the biggest Internet firms say they'll work together to remove images and videos that promote the message of terrorists. The announcement comes in the same week that European officials have criticized companies for failing to live up to a ... promise to tackle hate-based speech online. The agreement involves Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube. They'll build a joint database of images and videos that they have removed from their site after human moderators have flagged them as being either violent imagery produced by terrorists, or imagery specifically designed to recruit ... (view more)

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NSA Says Spying Helped Thwart Terrorists

The National Security Agency (NSA) has drawn all sorts of anger after a whistleblower revealed that it was using prominent tech programs and services to spy on people. In its defence, the NSA says it has been able to use the PRISM surveillance ... program to prevent terrorists from carrying through with planned attacks. General Keith Alexander, the director of the National Security Agency, recently testified that the part of the Patriot Act giving the NSA permission to snoop on people (Section 215) has resulted in the disruption of "dozens of terrorists plots." Democrats, Republicans Question NSA ... (view more)

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