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FAA Dismisses Plane Hijack Hack Theory: Report

Last week a security researcher based in Europe revealed that, using some hardware and software available on eBay, he was able to develop an application that could be used to remotely control a commercial plane , mid-flight. That researcher was ... Germany's Hugo Teso, who demonstrated his trick by producing a special Android app that automated the process of taking control of a plane and then re-directing it. The app, which is called 'PlaneSploit,' takes advantage of security vulnerabilities in the aviation industry's communications systems. (Source: gawker.com ) Teso said he was working closely ... (view more)

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Hackers Could Hijack Planes, Security Expert Warns

A security researcher is warning that vulnerabilities in the aviation industry's communications systems could allow a hacker to take control of an airplane mid-flight. German security consultant Hugo Teso recently presented his research on the ... aviation industry's security vulnerabilities at the 'Hack in the Box' conference in Amsterdam. (Source: cnn.com ) Teso, who held a commercial pilot license for more than a decade, spent three years examining the aviation industry's security systems. He found a staggering number of vulnerabilities, particularly in a system known as ADS-B, or automatic ... (view more)

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