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Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2: Super-Long Battery Life

Microsoft's new Surface Pro tablet computer has taken a lot of flak in recent weeks. One big complaint about the device: its battery life is too short . If you're looking for a tablet computer with a long battery life, then it might be worth ... checking out Lenovo's new ThinkPad Tablet 2. Like the Surface Pro, the new Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 uses Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system. Also like the Surface Pro, it offers a 64GB solid state drive for storage and a separate Bluetooth keyboard, which can be purchased for $120. However, that's where the similarities between the two devices end. So ... (view more)

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Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet: Windows 8 Pro, Office 2013

With Apple preparing to release an iPad Mini and Google capturing critical acclaim for its $199 Nexus 7 device, the current focus of prominent tablet makers appears to be on the lucrative sub-$500 segment of the market. However, popular hardware ... firm Lenovo is heading in a different direction. Its new ThinkPad Tablet 2, running Microsoft's upcoming operating system (OS), Windows 8, takes a significantly higher-priced approach. Lenovo is well-known for its durable, high-performance ThinkPad laptops marketed to business types. It plans to release its high-end ThinkPad Tablet 2 on October 26, ... (view more)

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Lenovo Launches ThinkPad, Unfazed by HP Failure

Given that Hewlett-Packard (HP) just slashed the price of its TouchPad tablet to $99, now may not be the best time to launch a $500+ business-inspired touchscreen device. Nevertheless, Lenovo believes it can succeed where HP failed by targeting the ... suit-and-tie crowd. Just last week, HP abandoned its relatively unpopular TouchPad tablet. The decision prompted a widespread fire-sale that included cutting the price of the 16GB TouchPad from $399 to an unbelievable $99, while the 32GB edition went from $499 to just $149. While many consumers were wowed by the price and bulldozed their way ... (view more)

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