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Explicit eBooks Prompt Scandal in UK

An ebook firm has suspended sales of all self-published books in the United Kingdom, regardless of their content. It follows a media scandal over titles involving explicit material. The scandal began when a national newspaper ran a front-page story ... accusing a major retail chain, WH Smith, of carrying particularly illicit material. The headline of the story turned out to be something of an exaggeration. The material wasn't being sold in stores, but was available online. It also turned out to involve the content of books rather than images or movies. eBooks Unappetizing But Not Illegal The ... (view more)

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Google Plans 'Digital Newsstand' for Android

Google is once again preparing to battle Apple to win customers in the mobile gadget field. The search giant is reported to be working on a "digital newsstand": a central resource for users of devices running its Android system to get hold of ... newspapers and magazines. The newsstand would aim to solve three problems with digital publishing on Android tablet devices. First, many titles are currently only available as web pages viewable through an ordinary browser, such as Google's Chrome. While that works, it can be quite unwieldy for users wanting to "browse" an entire issue rather than simply ... (view more)

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Ashampoo $20 Dollar Mega Deal

Why pay full price for top-notch Windows software, when you don't have to? Germany-based software company Ashampoo fully believes in this philosophy, and is for a very-limited time offering up their best-selling MS Windows products with a deep 80% ... discount. And when the economy is in such a slump, who doesn't love a great deal? Ashampoo: Full-Featured Software at a Great Price When you visit Ashampoo.com, you're greeted with the slogan "We Make Software!" But it's not just any software, it's truly great software. "We've been making great software for over 10 years, and are proud of it," says ... (view more)

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MGM Movies Now Available on iTunes

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios and Apple recently announced that MGM will now offer titles from its catalogue of feature films for purchase and download on the iTunes Store website. This deal will add to iTunes menu of over 500 movie titles ... available for purchase and download. (Source: reuters.com) Beginning Wednesday, MGM, which has the largest modern film library in the world (over 4000 films), launched 25 titles for download on iTunes. An Apple spokesperson noted that more of MGM's films would be added over the next several weeks. (Source: blogs.pcworld.com ) The iTunes online store ... (view more)

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'Wiimakes' Planned For Nintendo's Upcoming System

In the most recent issue of Nintendo Dream Magazine, Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto discussed his idea to remake recent GameCube (GC) releases for the upcoming Nintendo Wii system. Yes, GameCube games. If anyone else announced plans to wiimake ... (remake) titles that haven't been around long enough to collect even a drop of dust, people would laugh and scoff. But Miyamoto isn't just "anyone." In the video game world, he's considered the Steven Spielberg or Orson Welles of his industry. Simply put: when he talks, people listen. "The machine [Wii] is based on [the previous-generation console] ... (view more)

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Sega Genesis Collection Coming To PS2 and PSP

It has been almost seventeen years since the Sega Genesis launched in North America. The system featured some of the greatest gaming experiences ever, and even made Sega a household name. Now the boys behind Sonic the Hedgehog are planning to ... introduce almost 30 of its classics to a brand new audience. The Sega Genesis Collection is scheduled to be released for the PS2 and PSP this fall. "SEGA has always been, and will continue to be, an innovator of gaming technologies," said Scott A. Steinberg, SEGA of America's Vice President of Marketing. "The Genesis was the first 16-bit gaming system ... (view more)

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Break Out the Van Halen: Microsoft Unleashing Retro Titles on Xbox Live

For those missing the days of big hair and neon spandex, Microsoft has announced a number of retro-releases for its Xbox Live service. Available each week until mid-August, a number of hits from the 80s and early 90s are coming to Microsoft's Xbox ... 360 online community. Some of the most notable titles include Pac-Man, Galaga, and for a heightened fee, the arcade juggernaut Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting. Since the release of the Xbox 360 in November, Microsoft has added a "Live Arcade" section to its online service. Many older titles are already avaiable there, including Gauntlet and Smash ... (view more)

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