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'Tonido 4.79', and 'Ace Video Converter 3.8'

Tonido 4.79 Share your most important files and folders across multiple devices with Tonido. This program features unlimited storage and a robust security system capable of protecting your files and identity. Tonido is compatible with Windows, Mac, ... and Linux. Ace Video Converter 3.8 This free and highly accessible video conversion program allows you to quickly and easily convert over a hundred different video and audio formats. Ace Video Converter is compatible with most platforms and includes an automatic shutdown feature. (view more)

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'GPU Monitor 7.5', and 'Tonido'

GPU Monitor 7.5 As the name suggests, GPU Monitor allows you to keep close tabs on your graphics processing unit (GPU). It displays information related to a number of important factors, including memory usage, temperature, and clock speed. NOTE: To ... download this program you must click one of the website icons listed below "Special Features." Tonido Using this absolutely free program you can access files stored on your home computer from a smartphone or tablet device. Tonido also allows you to share your files quickly and easily across multiple ... (view more)

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'Tonido', and 'Google SketchUp 8.0.1436'

Tonido Tonido is a free software service that makes your devices accessible from any Internet-connected computer, via a web browser. Tonido runs on a wide range of hardware platforms and has low system requirements, making it ideal for ... use in computer systems where hardware resources are in short supply. Google SketchUp 8.0.1436 Here's a software system that lets you redecorate your living room, invent a new piece of furniture, or model your city for Google Earth. There's no limit to what you can draw with SketchUp, a free progam that helps you sketch three- ... (view more)

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