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Bittorrent Encrypted Downloaders Hit Wall

Besides the popular (and increasingly defunct) peer-to-peer music downloading programs like Kazaa and Napster, perhaps now the most widely-known file transfer system is BitTorrent. The distribution protocol originally designed by Bram Cohen was ... created for the purpose of providing huge amounts of data without incurring ridiculous costs to local bandwidth. Want clarity on that? Check out for the whole sha-bang on BitTorrent and why it's primarily used for illegal downloading. (Source: ) With all of that said, new measures are becoming available for Internet Service ... (view more)

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5 Reasons to Blog with Infopackets

If you've subscribed to our email newsletter, you may have noticed that the format has changed. Specifically: and the Infopackets Gazette email newsletter are now spotlighting articles written by other authors. With that said: Over ... the past few weeks, I've received *many* requests from our Readers to participate in writing articles (I.E., to "Blog with Infopackets"). Unfortunately, many of the letters I received were ambiguous, which tells me that perhaps the initial request to allow individuals from our audience to "blog" was not made clear. Allow me to ... (view more)

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'Nvidia Bios Editor', and 'Interface Traffic Indicator'

Nvidia Bios Editor NVIDIA BIOS Editor enables you to change the sign-on message text ... (view more)


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