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Give XP a Vista Facelift

For those who like the look of Vista -- with all its flashy new buttons -- there's a program available to give Windows XP, Microsoft's last operating system, a graphical facelift. However, testers of the program, which is called Vista Transformation ... Pack 5.5, report that there are several problems keeping it from becoming a must-have. Think of the Transformation Pack as a Chevrolet Cavalier with big, chrome wheels, tinted windows, and maybe even a flashy spoiler. Underneath the hood, nothing special is going on, but on the surface it looks about as hot as a used Audi. Cool, maybe even ... (view more)

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Make Windows XP Look Like Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the new and upcoming Windows operating system. Vista has much nicer eye-candy than Windows XP, and many people simply can't wait until it's rumored to be released some time in 2007. But if you can't wait for the real deal, the Vista ... Transformation Pack (VTP) might be just what the doctor ordered. VTP is freeware program that "re-skins" various elements of Windows, such as: Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, icons, the log-on and log-off screen. Vista Transformation Pack also improves upon various features, including: window transparency and a new sidebar. In ... (view more)

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