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Can Keyboard Sound Expose Passwords? Experts Say No

Researchers say there's a risk that microphones and motion sensors in smartphones could make it possible to figure out information being typed on nearby keyboards. But media headlines that "hackers can work out your password" are a significant ... stretch. The research comes from the Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security at Southern Methodist University, based in Texas. It stemmed from the thought that smartphones could pick up sound in two ways: not just the sound waves in the air through the microphone, but vibrations such as on a table collected through the motion sensors in the phone. ... (view more)

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How To Switch Off Windows 10 'Keylogger'

Some media outlets have accused Microsoft of building creepy keylogger spyware into Windows 10. That's a somewhat overblown interpretation, but some users may want to take the option to turn off the relevant setting. Traditionally references to " ... keyloggers " are about unauthorized programs installed on computers, often without the owner's knowledge and often through trickery. Such programs are designed to track everything the user types, then relay the data over the Internet to criminals who then look for passwords, credit card numbers, and bank account information. In this ... (view more)

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Laptop cursor jumps around screen as I type?

Infopackets Reader 'Mary' writes: " Dear Dennis, In regard to your previous article ' How can I find the Cursor Position on my Screen? ' -- my cursor often wanders around the screen when I'm typing text on my laptop. Sometimes, I end up typing in a ... new word in the middle of another word somewhere else on the screen. Oftentimes I can't find where my cursor went; once I do find it, I need to make corrections, then point it back to where it needs to be, then resume typing. It's incredibly vexing! Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid this from happening? " My response: This is a very ... (view more)

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AutoText in Word 2007

AutoComplete has been disabled in Word 2007 due to the enormous quantity of Building Blocks (the expanded successor to AutoText) that would otherwise cause AutoComplete to occur just about all the time. Now, what do I do? To force completion after ... typing the first four characters, you'll need to press the F3 key. This will work with any Building Block, not just AutoText. But, it will work only if there are no other entries that begin with the same four letters. Some users are finding it useful to use AutoCorrect entries instead of AutoText entries as a work-around, and to purposely create ... (view more)

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Substitute for a computer mouse?, Part 2

Recall -- Last week I posted an article in which Infopackets Reader Ron H. asked for alternative solutions to using a PC mouse. Ron wrote: " I recently had a stroke which has left me paralyzed on the right side of my body. As a result, I am now ... unable to use the computer mouse with any degree of accuracy. I was wondering if you or any of your Readers could recommend a product that I can use to help me navigate my computer in place of the mouse. I am currently typing this email to you with the aid of Dragon NaturallySpeaking , which inputs words on the screen using my voice. Any ... (view more)

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