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Windows 10 Gets File Recovery Tool

Microsoft has released a tool for recovering deleted or corrupted files. However, it may be too technical for many casual users. Windows File Recovery only works with Windows 10 version 2004, which is the latest branch of Windows 10 released on May, ... 2020. The Windows File Recovery is only available through the dedicated Microsoft Store, rather than users being able to download and install it from a website. (Source: microsoft.com ) It might therefore seem natural that the tool would be in an easy-to-use format aimed at a mass audience. Instead, it runs on the command line, meaning users can ... (view more)

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How can I Recover Pictures, Videos from a Mobile Phone?

Infopackets Reader 'Lagrangestacy' writes: " Dear Dennis, How can I recover a video from today that was deleted from my phone? " My response: You didn't mention which phone you have, so I will provide general information on file recovery for mobile ... phones using a PC. First and foremost: mobile phones use either micro SD memory card to store data, or internal phone memory, or both. Depending on where the deleted video is stored, you can try to use your Windows PC to recover the files. You can either: a) Take out your micro SD card in your mobile phone and attach it to the ... (view more)

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'Undelete 360 2.16', and 'BrowsingHistoryView 1.25'

Undelete 360 2.16 As the name suggests, this program will help you recover data that has been unintentionally deleted from your system. It uses a very fast algorithm to search and recover lost files. Even files lost due to virus infection can be ... found and restored using this program. Click 'Download 1.94 MB'. http://www.undelete360.com BrowsingHistoryView 1.25 This great new utility provides you with the browsing history of up to four different Internet browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari. The information is presented in a table ... (view more)

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'SpaceSniffer', and 'Undelete 360 2.1.6'

SpaceSniffer SpaceSniffer is a freeware and portable tool application that gives you an idea of how folders and files are structured on your disks. By using a Treemap visualization layout, you have immediate perception of where big folders ... and files are situated on your devices. http://www.uderzo.it Undelete 360 2.1.6 Undelete 360 helps to restore files accidentally deleted from your computer. It is made using fast and efficient algorithm that browses, searches and recovers files lost due to a different factors: accidental deleting, viruses, software and computer failures. It can help ... (view more)

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'Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit For Windows Xp', and 'Free Undelete'

Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit For Windows Xp Some nice tools: Windows Disk Protection - Protects the Windows partition (typically drive C) that contains the Windows operating system and other programs from being modified without administrator ... approval. Disk changes made are cleared with each restart unless the administrator chooses to save them. User Restrictions - Restricts user access to programs, settings, and Start menu items. The tool also allows you to lock shared local user profiles to prevent permanent changes. (This tool is specifically for use in workgroup environments that do ... (view more)

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Can't open email attachments?

Infopackets Reader Jim D. writes: " Dear Dennis, I use Windows 98 and Outlook Express to read my email. A buddy of mine thought he was helping me by 'tweaking' my computer system, but now I cannot open any email attachments! What can I do? PS: How ... may I retrieve a file that has been deleted? " My Response: It sounds like your friend "tweaked" your computer by upgrading you to the latest version of Outlook Express -- version 6. By default, Outlook Express 6 will not allow you to open email attachments on the assumption that the email may contain an malicious attachment ( ... (view more)

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