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Uninstall Bargain Buddy adware

Infopackets Reader Lavandran R. write s: " Dear Dennis, I have a program called Bargain Buddy installed on my computer, and I don't know where it came from! I'm not sure, but I think it's Spyware. When I tried to uninstall it, it refuses to ... uninstall and gives me error messages saying that I should make sure that the disk isn't full (which it isn't). It also asked me to make sure that the disk is not write protected and to make sure that the program is not actively in use. I'm confused! " My Response: Personally, I'd like to take Bargain Buddy and his cousin Bonzi Buddy and shoot ... (view more)

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How can I remove (uninstall) Hotbar from Internet Explorer?

Infopackets Reader Diane K. asks, " How can I uninstall Hotbar? It is now an integral part of my Internet Explorer. PS: Thanks for your great newsletter. " My Response: First things first: Hotbar is Adware [now more commonly known as 'Spyware']. It ... explicitly states so on their web site, although, you have to "read their terms of agreement". There are three methods you can use to uninstall Hotbar: 1. Try to uninstall it from your system using Add / Remove programs in the Control Panel; if it isn't listed there, look for an Uninstall program in the Program Files (Start - ... (view more)


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