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Microsoft-Nokia Merger 'Doomed', New Report Says

A new report from CBS Money Watch questions the viability of Microsoft's recent acquisition of Nokia's phone business. The problem: both firms have fallen on tough times of late, meaning consumer confidence in their products is at an all-time low. ... At the same time, there just aren't enough apps available for Windows Phone devices. The devices division of 150-year-old Finnish communications firm Nokia was recently acquired by Microsoft for $7.2 billion. Many experts see the acquisition as an extension of an existing relationship between the two firms. It's a relationship that has involved ... (view more)

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Republicans Take Aim At FCC Net Neutrality Rules

Republican Congress members have taken the first step in blocking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from enforcing net neutrality rules. But the political landscape means the final outcome is far from clear. The move follows a hearing by ... the House of Representatives committee that questioned all five FCC members about their decision in December to issue controversial guidelines attempting to enforce net neutrality (the principle that all lawful Internet traffic should be treated equally). (Source: pcworld.com ) With Republican politicians unimpressed by the evidence given by the ... (view more)

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