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New PC Security Tutorial

Have you ever stopped to read the headlines that make news on the Internet? Fact: Almost one in every three Internet users in the United States has been hit by either a computer virus or a hacker in the past two years.(1) Fact: In just 24 hours, the ... 'MSBlast' Internet worm exploded onto some 120,000 Windows computers around the world.(2) Overall, MSBlast has infected an estimated 8 million PCs,(3) while damage from the worm is about $525 million USD.(4) Fact: Internet security and privacy issues frequently dominate news headlines as hackers repeatedly infiltrate computers connected to the ... (view more)

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Adaptec Easy CD Creator Upgrade Trick

Many CD recorders (burners) come prepackaged with CD recording software: Nero Burning ROM and Adaptec (Roxio) Easy CD Creator are two of the most popular titles. At first, learning how to use CD burning software can be difficult and cumbersome, ... especially if you've never burned a CD before. Most of us are able to cope with how to operate the new software after time goes on -- most notably after burning a few duds through trial and error. When it comes time to upgrade to a new CD burner, many users are disappointed when it is discovered that the new CD burner will not work with the old CD ... (view more)


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