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RoboForm Special Release

When was that last time you visited a web site that asked you for a login ID, password, or account number? With all the web sites I visit on a regular basis, it's tough to keep track of that sort of stuff. I used to use Internet Explorer's ... AutoComplete to remember my logins and passwords for me, until I got fed up losing all my important data every time the computer had to be restored or formatted. A while ago, I asked Infopackets Readers for an alternative solution to AutoComplete. Thankfully, many Readers referred me to a program which not only remembered all my form data, but also allowed ... (view more)

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Add RAM to your PC -- SD RAM, DDR RAM, and RDR RAM explained

" How can I make my computer faster? " The simplest answer to this question is to add more RAM to your PC. RAM allows your computer to process things faster by holding frequently used information for a longer period of time. The longer data is held ... in memory, the greater chance that this data will be used again for computation. The end result is that data is loaded and unloaded at a faster rate, which saves you time. In order to answer the question of how much RAM is required for a computer, we need to inspect two main areas of interest: how much RAM is already inside your machine, ... (view more)

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Upgrading an Old Pentium 1 Computer?, Part 2

You must be wondering: why is the Infopackets Gazette being sent out on a Sunday? In short, I've decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. First of all, I'm going on a small vacation. So, I won't be here to send out the newsletter on ... Tuesday -- so that's why I've decided to send it out Sunday instead of Tuesday. Secondly, I received a lot of feedback regarding my Visitor Feedback suggestion to Judy W. in the last newsletter . Many of you wrote in and asked me if I was crazy for suggesting that she purchase a special adapter for her old and ailing Pentium-1 system instead of ... (view more)

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Can I Upgrade My Old Pentium 1 Computer?

Infopackets Reader Judy W. asks, " Is there a way to upgrade my old Pentium-1 computer with a motherboard or a new processor chip? I really like this computer, but I need something faster so that I can use my digital camera. " My Response: It may be ... possible to get an adapter for your motherboard to make it run (at most) 500 MHz. Your CPU is most likely a Socket-7 type motherboard, so I'm pretty sure you can use this adapter: http://www.powerleap.com/Products/k6iii.htm I'd advise you get at least 128 meg of RAM with your upgrade -- but most likely you're using 72 pin SIMM RAM or ... (view more)


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