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Upgrading an Old Pentium 1 Computer?, Part 2

You must be wondering: why is the Infopackets Gazette being sent out on a Sunday? In short, I've decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. First of all, I'm going on a small vacation. So, I won't be here to send out the newsletter on ... Tuesday -- so that's why I've decided to send it out Sunday instead of Tuesday. Secondly, I received a lot of feedback regarding my Visitor Feedback suggestion to Judy W. in the last newsletter . Many of you wrote in and asked me if I was crazy for suggesting that she purchase a special adapter for her old and ailing Pentium-1 system instead of ... (view more)

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Can I Upgrade My Old Pentium 1 Computer?

Infopackets Reader Judy W. asks, " Is there a way to upgrade my old Pentium-1 computer with a motherboard or a new processor chip? I really like this computer, but I need something faster so that I can use my digital camera. " My Response: It may be ... possible to get an adapter for your motherboard to make it run (at most) 500 MHz. Your CPU is most likely a Socket-7 type motherboard, so I'm pretty sure you can use this adapter: http://www.powerleap.com/Products/k6iii.htm I'd advise you get at least 128 meg of RAM with your upgrade -- but most likely you're using 72 pin SIMM RAM or ... (view more)


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