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Windows XP Support Ending Soon

There are just 500 days left until Microsoft officially terminates all support for the incredibly popular Windows XP operating system (OS). When it happens, the event will mark a major transition for the software giant, and could present big ... problems for the half billion computers still running the aging OS. Once these 500 days come to an end, Windows XP will no longer be updated or have any security vulnerabilities patched by the Microsoft development team. Over time, that will tend to make the operating system highly vulnerable to hacker attack. You can think of this 'end to upgrades' much ... (view more)

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iPhone, iPad to Receive Major Facelifts in 2012: Report

Recently, Apple announced it would revamp its popular MacBook Pro line of laptop computers. Now, a new report suggests the Cupertino-based company will provide similar updates and upgrades for all of its major products, including the MacBook Air, ... iPad tablet computer, and iPhone, in 2012. The new MacBook Pro has much-improved hardware, including faster processors and larger hard drives. Luckily for Apple fans, the new MacBook Pro's price point hasn't changed, even though the new hardware upgrades offer considerably better performance than before. iPad Updates, iPad 3 Expected by Late 2012 ... (view more)

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Vista Users May be Forced to Pay for Software Upgrades

Users thinking about upgrading to Windows Vista may end up spending more than they thought. Besides having to pay for faster hardware, users should expect to pay for Vista upgrades to a lot of their favorite software. (Source: computerworld.com ) ... Instead of releasing free patches to update existing versions, some major vendors such as Adobe Systems Inc., Symantec Corp. and Intuit Inc. are adding Vista compatibility only to new releases or future products that are still being developed. Most of these new versions will add more features along with Vista compatibility. Vendors argue that if ... (view more)

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