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How to Fix: Move Thunderbird to New Computer / Profile

Infopackets Reader Suzanne S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just purchased a new Windows 10 PC and I would like to move my Thunderbird emails over to my new computer and new user account. I've looked in the 'Tools' menu of Thunderbird for an 'export' ... feature of some kind - hoping to export my user data for re-import on the new machine - but, there does not appear to be such an option. Can you help? " My response: Moving Thunderbird to a new computer or user account is fairly easy to do using Thunderbird's built in "Profile Manager". All you need to do is copy the Thunderbird user data ... (view more)

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3 Ways to Install Windows 10 using an .ISO File (with or without a DVD Burner)

Infopackets Reader Perry F. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have two laptops with Windows 7 that I would like to upgrade to Windows 10. From what I understand, I can use the Microsoft Media Creation Tool to download Windows 10 in an .ISO file format. When ... that is done downloading, I would then burn the .ISO disc image file onto a DVD, then use the DVD to install Windows 10 onto my machines. The problem however is that I don't have a DVD drive on either laptop - so how can I use the .ISO format to install Windows 10? " My response: In a nutshell, an ISO file is an exact copy of an entire CD or DVD, ... (view more)

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BadUSB Attack: Now in The Wild; Exploits to Follow

Security researchers have purposely unleashed tools that could help hackers use USB drives to secretly spread malware on computers, including mobile devices with USB ports. The goal in releasing such tools is to coerce USB drive manufacturers into ... doing more to protect consumers against such attacks. The attack vector was initially reported in early August of this year, and until now was only theoretical. The tools were released by security researchers Adam Caudill and Brandon Wilson. Their campaign is inspired by the unveiling of " BadUSB ," a type of attack that uses a USB thumb ... (view more)

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