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Gaming Giant Announces Major Cancellation

Despite its line of popular holiday sports titles and a few new favorites (including the critically-acclaimed Dead Space), even video game giant Electronic Arts has hit a patchy skid due to the slowing U.S. economy. The company recently revealed ... that it has cancelled plans to open a new studio in Vancouver, British Columbia. For those of you unfamiliar with Electronic Arts, or EA, the company is by far the largest games publisher in the world. Franchises like Need for Speed, Burnout, Madden NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB routinely top sales, and in the case of NHL, ratings charts. Despite the ... (view more)

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Bait Car Program Taking a Bite Out of Crime

Ever had your car stolen? The feeling one gets when approaching an empty parking space is of almost unsurpassed revulsion and horror. Well, now police are starting to fight back against car thieves, and they're doing it with a combination of ... technology and hard-nosed detective work. Car theft is certainly a rampant problem. In 2006, nearly 1.2 million cars were stolen in the United States, and although that's down about 3.5 per cent, the problem is still one of America's most concerning and popular crimes. (Source: ) However, the popular "bait car" program might be ... (view more)

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