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FlipAlbum 5 Suite Review

How do you manage your digital pictures? A few weeks ago, Adriel Tan of E-Book Systems, Inc. sent me an email and asked if I would review a digital photo management program, called FlipAlbum 5 Suite. I thought that this would be a great opportunity ... to explore something new, especially since the software which came with my digital camera does not allow me to share my photos easily with friends. With this in mind, I downloaded and installed FlipAlbum 5 Suite on my machine. Here's what I found: FlipAlbum 5 Suite: a quick list of Features FlipAlbum is a unique software that organizes photos on ... (view more)

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Watch downloaded VCD movies from Kazaa on TV?

The last newsletter sparked some interesting discussion from readers. George P. from Lakeland, Florida asks: " I have created my own downloaded CD Discs that contain movies I got from Kazaa. They play absolutely perfectly on my monitor, but I'd like ... to be able to play them on my 27 inch TV. How can I play the same VCD on my TV instead of on my monitor? " My Response: There's a few things I need to address before answering George's question. First of all, George made reference to something called a VCD, which is an acronym for "Video CD." Video CDs have been around for ... (view more)

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