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New Technology Can Eavesdrop VOIP, Video Streaming

Two researchers have revealed tools that reportedly allow people to eavesdrop on video conference calls and intercept surveillance camera video. The only requirement for using the free tool is that you be in the same building as the caller or call ... receiver. UCSniff for Voice over IP (VOIP) Networks UCSniff is a free tool that available for Linux and Windows. According to Jason Ostrom, director of the Viper Lab at Sipera Systems, the tool offers a graphical user interface (GUI) that makes 'sniffing' video easy. It works by tricking the voice-over-IP (VOIP) network carrying the video into ... (view more)

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Active Media Screensaver Review

Just recently, I discovered another totally cool screensaver. Quebec based Esm Software makes Active Media Player Screen Saver, an application designed to play streaming video while your computer is idle. What is Active Media Player Screen Saver? ... Active Media Player Screen Saver (AMPSS) is a screensaver application capable of playing live video streams in MPEG, AVI, ASF, WMV, or QuickTime format. AMPSS also plays full motion video from your hard drive, giving you unlimited choices for video playback. Active Media Player Screen Saver: Features Play local or remote files: Play video files from ... (view more)

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