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McAfee App Blurs Sensitive Facebook Photos

McAfee has released a new browser add-on that allows Facebook users to more privately post personal pictures. The app reportedly prevents strangers from viewing these images. Called Social Protection, it's a plug-in that offers two viewing features: ... First, it allows users to blur all their uploaded photos, and allow only the contacts the user selects to see them clearly. Second, the software allows a user to select which images will be blurred. This allows all the other photographs to remain visible to Facebook friends, by default. Images Blurred in Timeline, News Feed Using this new system, ... (view more)

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Windows Security Exploit: Jpeg of Death

Yesterday, I came across a very interesting article posted by which details a recent exploit in MS Windows, called "jpeg of death.c v.05". In summary: on September 17th, 2004, a proof-of-concept exploit was discovered that could ... potentially execute malicious code on the victim's computer when viewing a JPG file image file using Internet Explorer; at the time, however, the exploit only crashed Internet Explorer. On September 24th, a new variant of the exploit appeared, responsible for running potentially malicious code if an infected .jpeg file was downloaded from the ... (view more)

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Shopping for an LCD monitor, Part 2

Last week, I left you with some thoughts on my LCD Monitor purchasing experience. If you didn't catch the first part of the article, you can read about it here . The article from last week signed off with a cliff-hanger, where I was about to tell ... about some things that I didn't like about my LCD monitor. RE: LCD Native Resolution While I was completely amazed out how crystal clear my LCD monitor was at 1280 x 1024 resolution*, the fact is that the LCD monitor looks crystal-clear *only* at this resolution. This is referred to as the monitor's Native Resolution. Generally speaking, native ... (view more)

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