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Wikipedia Vows: No Ads

These days, advertisements are almost everywhere. But there's at least one place they can't be found: on Wikipedia. The website's advertisement-free model surely has generated a great deal of talk, with some praising and others opposing the site's ... refusal to include ads. Recently, discussions have evolved around the sustainability of Wikipedia's ad-less site. Currently, Wikimedia (the non-profit organization running Wikipedia) is funded almost entirely from donations, many of which are small individual donations. Wikimedia has managed to control its expenses in some areas such as labor -- the ... (view more)

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Wikipedia Co-Founder Planning 'Google Killer'

"Search is part of the fundamental infrastructure of the Internet. And, it is currently broken." Those harsh words come from co-founder Jimmy Wales. (Source: ) Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia, has quickly become a bona ... fide Internet sensation. Now Jimmy Wales wants to expand his horizons and challenge the big boys. And they don't come any bigger than Google! Wales has announced plans to create a search engine of his own. The project -- which is called Search Wikia -- is already being dubbed a "Google Killer." But don't hold your breath just yet. "We're not ... (view more)

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