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HP Updates $99 TouchPad, Offers Free Apps

About 2 weeks ago, Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced it would discontinue its TouchPad, and later drastically slashed it's prices by 75%. This of course stirred much interest in the product, as they flew off store shelves in only a few days time. ... Questions remain as to the usefulness of a tablet that has been discontinued, as software updates are critically important to patch bugs and vulnerabilities. Thankfully, a new update by HP may have increased the life of the doomed device. HP Says it's "Fully Committed" to Supporting Doomed TouchPad According to the company the new update means ... (view more)

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HP Windows 7 Tablet May Not Be Dead After All

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has refused to confirm reports that it has cancelled work on a Windows-based tablet computer. In addition, its website still includes promotional material for the device, known as the Slate. Rumors suggested the firm encountered ... several problems with the device: Windows 7 apparently ran slowly and didn't convert well to a touch screen interface, while the Slate's Intel processor soaked up too much power, which could have made a practical battery life difficult to achieve. However, several analysts have noted that posts on an HP blog which deal with the device are still ... (view more)

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