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Chrome Defaults to Secure Website Version

Google Chrome will now look for a secure version of a website first by default. It could mean a tiny delay accessing some sites, but should nudge more sites to increase security. The change to the browser involves how it handles cases where users ... simply type in the domain (such as rather than the full website address (such as or ). The browser being able to convert one to the other makes it much quicker to type website addresses and allows browsers to use a single space for users to input both website addresses and search ... (view more)

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Syrian Hackers Disable New York Times Website

Hackers thought to be loyal to the Assad Syrian government have seized control of The New York Times website and have disrupted Twitter service. It seems they've adopted a new hacking tactic that requires advanced technical skills. The hacking ... appears to be the work of the Syrian Electronic Army hacking group, which supports the Assad regime. Analysts are split over whether the group is officially working on behalf of the government or is simply made up of sympathetic members. (Source: ) In the past the group has attacked media sites by using phishing tactics, which involve sending ... (view more)

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Internet Governing Body Introduces Major Changes

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which is the closest thing to a web-wide governing body, has made several key changes to the way website addresses will work. It's added Chinese character addresses, backed a dedicated adult ... domain, and taken a further step towards tighter Internet security. The addition of Chinese characters follows a similar move last month, when Arabic script was included. It means for the first time the entire address can be written in the script, including the part at the end which indicates a country. To avoid confusion, the system isn't used for ... (view more)

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