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Facebook Dismisses Shutdown Rumors

Facebook addicts recently got a scare when the tabloid Weekly World News reported that the social networking site would be shut down permanently after March 15, 2011. But Facebook brass says that's not about to happen. Despite the controversial ... reputation of Weekly World News (whose content usually concerns UFO sightings and escaped freaks of nature), the shutdown rumor spread across the web rather quickly. Weekly World News (WWN) reported the decision to shut Facebook down was the work of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who reportedly had said running the incredibly popular site was becoming too ... (view more)

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Obama To Take Fireside Chats Online

Barack Obama recently published a YouTube video response to George Bush's weekly Presidential address to the nation. It appears Obama will use the video-sharing site as a regular means of communication once he enters the White House. Each week, ... President Bush, like all holders of office, delivers an official address to the United States public via the radio. The opposition party traditionally delivers an official response, usually with a different speaker each week. Obama delivered the Democratic response in the usual audio format, but his organization also filmed the response, which now ... (view more)

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