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New Wi-Fi Router Promises Entire Home Coverage

The makers of a new wireless router system claim it will offer guaranteed high-speed Wi-Fi connections throughout large homes. But at a minimum of $299 to take advantage, it's a costly solution. The Eero system is aimed at people who have an ... Internet connection and wireless router but struggle to get a good signal -- or any signal -- throughout their entire home. Wi-Fi signals can be weakened by structural issues such as in multi-storey houses, or by interference from wireless networks run by neighbors. The makers say this will become an increasingly frustrating problem as people make ... (view more)

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Can Wireless (Wi-Fi) Signals Make You Sick?

Wireless radio signals virtually surround us. In fact, we take for granted how easy it is to find Wi-Fi access, be it in our homes, offices, or coffee shops. But could these signals actually make us sick? Parents in an Ontario, Canada community ... actually think this might be the case. It used to be that parents worried about kids standing in front of the microwave too long -- or watching too much television, or using the cell phone. All of these things, some people feared, could lead to radiation poisoning and even cancer. Wi-Fi Behind Nausea, Parents Say But what about WiFi signals? Parents ... (view more)

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