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Has Wii Fit Trimmed Microsoft and Sony from the Console Wars?

Across the web, the hype surrounding the Nintendo Wii is reaching a fever pitch. To be sure, the console has been popular from the get-go in November, 2006, but with the introduction of 'Wii Fit' -- a game that recently made CNET refer to the Wii as ... the only 'ethical' purchase -- fanfare is off the charts. According to reports, Wii Fit -- which promises all the exercise of a workout without -- gasp! -- stepping outdoors, has sold out across the United States within one week of becoming available to the wider public. Like the console for which it was made, the game is becoming very hard to ... (view more)

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Nintendo Aims To Slay The Couch Potato

Nintendo has been credited in the last year for making video game players more active by playing their Wii console. The results have been impressive, at least, compared to the traditional play mechanics of the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. However, ... Nintendo's latest product is a genuine fat-buster. Wii Fit is a gym 'simulator' game though the exercise is entirely genuine. Players use a special balance board which tracks the movement and weight, then converts it into a movements for an onscreen character. The game includes more than 40 activities based around strength training, aerobics, balance ... (view more)

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