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Voting Poll Results, Plus Answers to FAQs

Regarding our vote on February 15, 2012 -- I have read approximately 1,000 comments from readers, along with their ballots. I will provide insight with regard to the findings, as well as address some issues. This post is approximately 1,500 words. I ... realize some of you won't want to read all of it and just want the results. So, I would like to begin by saying this: According to the results of the vote, I am pleased to announce that Infopackets will remain online. Moving forward: all users will retain access to everything that they have now and well into the future. This includes free access ... (view more)

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Survey Shows How Far Americans Will Go for Web Access

Given that you're reading this right now, it's a fair bet that the web, or Internet access, is important to you. But, how important is it? In a recent survey, Harris Interactive found that women would rather give up "relations" for two weeks than ... access to the information superhighway. According to details on a survey recently released by chip manufacturer Intel (who commissioned the study), 46 per cent of women queried about the importance of the Internet versus "hanky-panky" replied that they would be more willing to engage in abstinence than lose their web access. By comparison, only 30 ... (view more)

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