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Microsoft: Why Businesses Will Want Windows Blue

If Microsoft wants its Windows 8 operating system (OS) to be successful with business users, it will need to convince them that the new OS contains useful features not seen in previous versions of Windows. Microsoft recently revealed that Windows ... Blue will revive the beloved Start button and will allow Windows 8 users to boot directly to the desktop. However, at the TechEd conference currently being held in New Orleans, Microsoft focused exclusively on the features Windows Blue -- or Windows 8.1 -- will offer enterprise users. Windows Azure, Windows Server Integration First, Microsoft says ... (view more)

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Microsoft Reveals Windows Blue's Main Features

We've known for some time that Microsoft is planning to update its newest operating system, Windows 8, with Windows Blue (otherwise known as Windows 8.1). Now, the firm has revealed the changes Windows Blue will bring. For one, the long-missed Start ... button is making a return. The bad news: the Start menu isn't coming with it. According to reports, clicking the Start button will bring users to Windows 8's new Start screen. That means they won't gain access to the list of recent and popular applications that popped up when someone clicked the Start button in Windows 7. Boot Directly to the ... (view more)

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Windows Blue: Microsoft Admits Desktop 'Important'

A top Microsoft executive has hinted that the Redmond, Washington-based firm may implement significant changes to Windows 8 with Windows Blue, the first major update to Microsoft's newest operating system (OS). Those changes could include making it ... easier for users to access the traditional desktop. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Microsoft Windows business and marketing strategy chief Tami Reller (who replaced Steven Sinofsky last year) said that Microsoft was carefully evaluating the feedback it has received since the launch of Windows 8 in the fall. "The Desktop is ... (view more)

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Windows Blue: Microsoft May Resurrect Start Button

According to a new report, Microsoft may be considering reviving the Windows Start Button with the release of Windows Blue , its next major update for the Windows 8 operating system (OS). The report comes to us from ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, a ... prominent industry insider with sources at Microsoft. Foley says she's learned that Microsoft may bring back not just the Start Button -- a landmark navigation tool found in virtually every single previous Windows operating system -- but also the ability to boot straight to the desktop. (Source: ) If true, this would mean a major overhaul of ... (view more)

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'Windows Blue' Updates Revealed via Leaked Video

A secret Microsoft video shows us what we can expect from 'Windows Blue,' Microsoft's next major update to the Windows platform. The internal video was recorded at Microsoft's recent TechFest, an annual gathering of Microsoft researchers to discuss ... their latest developments. The video first appeared on the independent blog site 'MSFTKitchen'. Interactive Touch Comes to Windows 8 Among the most important improvements made to Windows 8: better touch capabilities. In the video, Microsoft's chief technical staff operator, Eric Rudder, says that his team is "really excited to work, now that the ... (view more)

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Microsoft 'Windows Blue' Due in 2013: Report

According to a new report, an updated version of Microsoft's Windows operating system (OS) will now ship each and every year. Some observers suggest that Microsoft's idea may be to release gradual upgrades every year rather than wait for a complete ... overhaul to the operating system every few years. Various reports claim Microsoft is using the codename "Windows Blue" for its development work on a new OS, one that may possibly be made available to users as early as 2013. A New Plan for Microsoft? Some insiders believe Windows Blue is both a codename and the actual release name for the next ... (view more)

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