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Windows 8: How to Move Files From a Windows 7 PC

This question recently came to us from several readers, including one in Colorado: "Hello Infopackets team, I recently purchased a Windows 8 PC and want to move my files from my old computer -- a Windows 7 machine -- to the new one. Since you seem ... to know so much about Windows, I thought I'd ask you for the best way to do that. Thanks very much, Mona S." My Response: When buying a new PC, transferring files from our old computer is one of the first things we think to do. Thankfully, the process has now become really straightforward. Using Windows Easy Transfer Begin by going to the desktop on ... (view more)

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Microsoft Embraces Motion Control for Windows

Ever since Microsoft released Kinect , its hands-free motion control system for the Xbox 360 console, enthusiasts have been trying desperately to use it on the Windows operating system (OS). Given their determination in the matter, it appears ... Microsoft has concluded that if you can't beat 'em, you may as well join 'em. The Kinect system uses what is effectively a robotically-mounted camera to identify humans and track their movements. This allows players to take part in games without the need for any controller: the player simply makes the appropriate movement for the game situation. Using ... (view more)

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Apple CEO Says Windows is Doomed

Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs says he's predicted the steady decline of rival Microsoft's Windows operating system (OS). That swipe at Microsoft comes only a day after Google says it's phasing out MS Windows as it ramps up internal ... testing of its Chrome OS. Jobs made the comments Tuesday night in an onstage interview at the D: All Things Digital conference. Jobs said he believes computers running Windows would begin a decline in popularity as people move to new platforms for their web needs: devices like the iPad, other tablet computers, or smartphones. Apple CEO Compares PCs to ... (view more)

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