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'File Wing', and 'Ganglia'

File Wing Recover lost or deleted files and delete files safely so they can't be recovered with File Wing. Most of the time, if you delete a file in Windows, this file isn't really deleted. Windows instead intentionally "forgets" where the file is ... located on the hard disk. It is possible to restore some of these files if they have not been overwritten on the hard disk. Our new tool File Wing can help you recover unintentionally deleted files and can also help permanently delete files by overwriting them multiple times, so that they cannot be recovered anymore, by anyone. http://www.abelssoft. ... (view more)

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T-Mobile Wing Features Latest Windows Mobile OS

Recently, T-Mobile USA launched the first cell phone in America that comes equipped with Microsoft's latest version of Windows Mobile. The upgrade features better handling of emails and boasts tougher security features. The cell phone is labeled The ... T-Mobile Wing and will come with a price tag of $299 for a two-year contract with T-Mobile. (Source: ) Windows Mobile 6 is the latest operating system designed specifically for "smart" phones. The system is able to manage emails, file documents and even has a web browser, in addition to the standard telephone service. Microsoft ... (view more)

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