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Remove / Disable Windows XP Welcome Screen

Gazette Reader Thora P. writes: " Dear Dennis, I used to start my PC and go get my coffee; when I returned a few moments later, my PC would be ready to go. After installing the .NET Framework (so I could download your news feeds using RSS), I am now ... prompted for my user name and password at the Windows XP Welcome Screen. In other words, Windows doesn't log me into the desktop straight away like it once did. I would prefer not to have the XP Welcome Screen. Can you help? " My response: Great question. I noticed this too after installing .NET framework. Apparently .NET creates a new user ... (view more)

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Key differences between Win98, ME, and XP?

Infopackets Reader Glenda 'LadyInRed' writes: " Dear Dennis, Thanks for your response . Unfortunately I don't have Windows XP on my computer (I'm still using Windows 98). So, my question to you now is: other than security, what is better about ... Windows XP? And if I can't use Windows XP, would you recommend that I upgrade to Windows ME? " My response: I can't provide you with an exhaustive / comparative list of differences between Windows 98 and XP, but there are a number of obvious differences that I can highlight: With respect to Windows 98: an announcement was made in December 2003 ... (view more)

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Activate Windows XP on more than one PC?, Part 3

Another hot topic in the Gazette is our discussion regarding Windows XP, and whether or not it can be installed on more than 1 PC using the same activation key. Infopackets Reader Steve S. writes: " In response to your recent discussion concerning ... re-activating WinXP after substantial hardware changes, I just wish to add that the process is done pretty simply in terms of 'setting things right' with Microsoft. When Microsoft detects that your computer's hardware components have substantially changed -- (as in my case: I had simultaneously added more RAM [memory] and installed a faster ... (view more)

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