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Windows Movie Maker CD project failed burn?

Infopackets Reader John L. writes: " Dear Dennis, I recently used Windows Movie Maker to create a video compilation. When I was finished editing the project, I clicked the 'send to CD' button, which then launched a Movie Maker Wizard. The wizard ... took me step by step and explained how to convert my project into a Windows Media Audio/Video file and ultimately burn it to CD. I chose to burn the file to CD-R so that I could play it in my DVD player; however, near the end of the burn, Windows Media Maker reported that the project "did not save successfully". After I clicked OK, I ... (view more)

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Macintosh commercial spoof video file, Part 2

Recall -- Last week, Bryan M. submitted a spoof video file about Macintosh computers: " I came across a very humorous video file about the experiences of using a Macintosh computer. The video is a spoof on those Macintosh commercials which were ... aired on TV a little while back. A typical scenario features big corporate executives who are frustrated by using a Windows PC at their workplace. " Macintosh commercial spoof video file Since then, numerous Readers have asked where they could download video (using_a_mac.wmv) in a in a different file format so that their Mac friends could ... (view more)

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