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Scammed by Wowser E Services? Here's What to Do

Infopackets Reader Barbara J. writes: " Dear Dennis, In early March, 2021, my elderly father was browsing the Internet when suddenly a red screen appeared and told him that his computer was infected. Conveniently, the warning message also supplied a ... 1-800 number to speak to Microsoft to 'fix' the issue. My father confirmed that the person he spoke to had a very thick Indian accent . The company that 'fixed' his computer was named Live IP Support and they charged on two separate occasions, totaling $2,700. The checks were withdrawn from his account under a company named Wowser E Services (aka ... (view more)

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Scammed by PC Safe Network / Homesoft Solution? Here's What to Do

Infopackets Reader Nancy P. writes: " Dear Dennis, Back in January I was paying bills on my bank website, when suddenly a red warning screen appeared, stating that my PC was locked and that I needed to call Microsoft to fix the problem. The phone ... number listed was 855-755-2888. There were loud sirens going off, and the computer was speaking to me. There was no way to get past the warning screen and I could not use my computer. Not knowing any better, I called the number and spoke to a man with a very thick Indian accent . He said their company name was PC Safe Pro and that they were ... (view more)

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