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Official PlayStation Magazine Editor Won't Buy PS3 This November

In an admission that has sent shockwaves reverberating throughout the video game community, Official PlayStation Magazine Editor Dana Jongewaard has openly admitted that she will not be buying a Playstation 3 when it launches this November. To add ... insult to injury, she posted in her blog that she will be purchasing an Xbox 360 instead. Why the PS3 snub? Mainly for the same reason most gamers are expressing hesitation about Sony's latest version of the Playstation: the humungous $600 (U.S.) price tag. But the PS3's hefty cost is only one of the items on the editor's laundry list of ... (view more)

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Insiders Speculate Decline for Sony and Playstation 3

Last November, Microsoft faced intense criticism upon the release of its Xbox 360 console. Many die-hard Xbox "fanboys" -- gamers dedicated to Bill Gates' wares -- were unable to purchase the system due to massive production shortages. Those with ... their eye on the industry recognized a ridiculousness in Microsoft's pitiful attempt to attract Japanese gamers (who typically flock to Nintendo and Sony events) when the North American market was starving for more Xbox 360s. The end result? Millions in lost business on this side of the Pacific and thousands of 360s gathering dust in Japanese game ... (view more)

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Microsoft Offers 'Vision' in the Battle for Next-Gen Gaming

As hype over the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) and Nintendo Wii (pronounced "We") continue to threaten Microsoft's current hold over "next-gen" systems, the latter is preparing for the Fall and Winter battle by incorporating proven hardware. Featuring ... technology manufactured by GestureTek, the Xbox Live Vision Camera will allow Xbox 360 owners with an online connection to customize their gamer tags, engage in video conversations, and most importantly play interactive games that move beyond the joystick. Much like Sony's popular EyeToy, the Xbox Live Vision Camera (set for release ... (view more)


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