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5 Reasons Why Win7 Should be a Success

Windows Vista was perhaps the biggest disappointment in Microsoft's history. So, what did the Redmond-based company do to improve upon their past mistakes, and how is Windows 7 better than Windows Vista? Windows 7: Improving Upon The Past After the ... embarrassing Windows Vista debacle, Microsoft and the computer makers realized that they needed to work together to make some necessary changes. Windows 7 therefore improves upon the fundamental changes that came with Vista, making it faster, easier to use and more intuitive. (Source: cnet.com ) Close Ties with PC Developers In breaking with past ... (view more)

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Win7 'XP Mode' Support Available Win7 Launch Day

Just in case you pay for Microsoft's upcoming operating system (OS) Windows 7 and don't like it, the Redmond-based company is making an optional 'Windows XP Mode' available for download the same day as the new OS' launch, October 22. Microsoft ... yesterday revealed that it had released Windows XP Mode to manufacturing, and that this would make it available for download when Windows 7 hits stores in three weeks. Why Bother with XP Mode? If there's one thing Microsoft appears to have learned from the Vista debacle, it's that people hate change -- especially when change means "upgrading" to an ... (view more)

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MS Launches Windows 7 'XP Mode' Release Candidate

Late yesterday Microsoft revealed that it had made available Release Candidate software allowing Windows 7 users to operate a virtual edition of its still very popular Windows XP. The news is good for those of us still hesitant to make the upgrade ... to Windows 7. Although most of us won't know for sure how well 'XP Mode' will work until Windows 7 is released on October 22, many faithful XP users will be happy to hear that they can switch back in time if the Win7 interface isn't to their liking. CPU Virtualization Required Windows XP Mode Release Candidate is currently available for download ... (view more)

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Win7 XP Mode Lacks Vendor Support, Microsoft Vexed

When news of Windows 7's XP Mode was revealed, there was much rejoicing among those who were concerned about legacy support. However, it appears that XP mode won't do everything many hoped it would, and will be unavailable to many Intel users. ... (Source: theinquirer.net ) Windows 7's XP Mode (also known as "XPM") is a virtualization feature that will allow some users of Windows 7 Premium to run Windows XP apps in a virtual machine. However, it appears that Microsoft may be rushing a technology that is receiving spotty support from chipmakers Intel and AMD. (Source: cio.com ) There is ... (view more)

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