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'LastPass 2.0.2', and 'YoWindow 3.0.143'

LastPass 2.0.2 Download LastPass and you'll learn the last password you'll ever have to remember. This password manager includes a number of incredibly handy options that not only make it easy to remember passwords but also protect you and your ... privacy from snooping hackers. http://lastpass.com YoWindow 3.0.143 YoWindow provides you with a desktop picture that reflects the actual weather in your selected area. It's a living landscape that is both attractive and informative. YoWindow displays clouds, rain, snow, wind, fog, and thunderstorms. http://yowindow.com This freeware software program ... (view more)

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'YoWindow 3.0.85', and 'TightVNC 2.5.1'

YoWindow 3.0.85 YoWindow is a 'next-generation weather' program that actually shows you what the weather looks like outside your window, rather than just providing you with a narrative description and some numbers. YoWindow is proving so popular ... that it is the #1 weather program on CNET's download.com. http://yowindow.com TightVNC 2.5.1 TightVNC is a free software package that gives your PC remote control of another PC. With TightVNC, you can see the desktop of the remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard. It's almost like sitting in the front of that other computer. ... (view more)

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'YoWindow 2.0.445', and 'Intel Processor Identification Utility 4.31'

YoWindow 2.0.445 YoWindow displays weather conditions using a nice, peaceful animated landscape so you can 'watch' the weather on your monitor instead of interpreting numbers. It's a new twist on viewing the weather commonly represented by numbers ... on a map: you see the picture instead of bare weather data. The location of the sun, moon, moon phase, sunrise and sunset times correspond to the actual values for a location! It's a very interesting and unique program. http://yowindow.com Intel Processor Identification Utility 4.31 The Intel Processor Identification Utility is provided by Intel ... (view more)

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