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Spyware Suits Come Up Empty-Handed

Most of us in the tech "biz" are familiar with Zango. It's not a loving relationship. One of the most prolific spyware vendors, Zango recently failed to crawl out from underneath federal law that allows security companies to target its software. ... Since a name change from 180solutions to Zango, the adware company has been suing just about anyone in the security market. Proceedings have not gone well. A federal judge recently told Zango that companies like PC Tools and Web Sweeper can identify and target any program they like, including software from 180solutions (or whatever its name may be). ... (view more)

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Visit Zango on MySpace -- I Dare You

As the popularity of MySpace continues to grow, so too do the number of predators crawling within its virtual borders. Not too long ago, Infopackets columnist Chris Sabga wrote a story on the dangers for children and teenagers with MySpace accounts ... -- but recently, threats to pretty much anyone are becoming apparent. The most notable is Zango, the Spyware program that has established its own MySpace account and is thrusting .exe files at anyone silly or curious enough to drop in. For the most part, MySpace has avoided Spyware invaders, including Direct Revenue, the massively spreading malware ... (view more)

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