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Is Using Windows XP Really That Dangerous?

Is it really that dangerous to continue using Windows XP? Microsoft's Windows XP has officially been decommissioned as of April 8, 2014, meaning that Microsoft will not longer support the software insofar as security updates are concerned. Without ... any security updates, Windows XP is extremely vulnerable to attack if and when an operating system exploit is discovered. And, even if one is discovered, it may or may not make headlines - which means most users running Windows XP simply won't be aware their system has been compromised. It's these types of attacks that are most dangerous ... (view more)

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Patch Tuesday: Critical IE, Windows 8.1 Flaws Fixed

This month's Patch Tuesday brings two major fixes for Internet Explorer zero-day flaws. In total, Microsoft has released eight new security bulletins, four of which have been marked 'critical' -- Microsoft's highest security rating. Experts point to ... MS13-080 as the most important security update this month. It address ten different vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) and applies to every supported version of the web browser. Aside from the number of vulnerabilities addressed, the update is considered important because it's designed to eliminate two zero-day flaws that have ... (view more)

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Light Patch Tuesday Release Brings Heavy Warning from Microsoft

Microsoft yesterday unveiled its March Patch Tuesday offering, and by comparison to recent months it was a relatively calm affair. Only two security bulletins addressing eight vulnerabilities were announced, but they were joined by a warning related ... to a new zero-day Internet Explorer flaw which does not yet have a fix. Both of the bulletins Microsoft released in accordance with its March Patch Tuesday have been designated "important". That's a big step down from this past February's Patch Tuesday , where about one-fifth of the 26 vulnerabilities were considered "critical," Microsoft's ... (view more)

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