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Malware Botnet Mysteriously Hijacked

A malicious network of 500,000 computers used to spread malware around the globe has been taken over by do-gooders in an apparent hijack meant to foil cyber criminals. Victims of the botnet have not only found the stealth malware removed from their ... system, but are also receiving an on screen warning to update their computers. It appears the malware creators are themselves the victim of a hack attack by an online vigilante. Phorpiex Botnet a Decade Old, 500k Strong The malware concerned is distributed through the Phorpiex botnet, which has been operating for nearly 10 years. A botnet is a ... (view more)

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'Script Zombie', and 'Zorro'

Script Zombie Batch files and scripts are crucial tools for Windows Systems Administrators. The traditional scripting functionality in Windows is robust but the limitations start becoming obvious when you involve multiple remote systems. Enter ... Script Zombie, which helps fix the problem. http://www.nerdcentric.com Zorro Zorro is a utility to completely blank the screen except for a rectangular area selected by the user. This is especially useful for watching videos on your computer without being distracted by other, annoying little updates or programs. http://www.gabrieleponti.com Today's ... (view more)

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Invasion of the BOT e-Snatchers?

The theme behind Jack Finney's "The Body Snatchers" has been replicated in movie after movie since 1956. Each remake advances the same basic theme: aliens are taking over people one by one and it's almost impossible to tell who has been taken over ... and who hasn't. With the arrest last month of John Kenneth Schiefer, 26, we learned that there are aliens taking over our PCs too. Schiefer, or "Acidstorm" to his friends, pleaded guilty to using the snatched identities of over 250,000 "zombie" PCs to conduct identity theft and fraud. Schiefer and accomplices used 'bot' software to compromise ... (view more)

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