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Sunday, December 23, 1956
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I used to own a Fishing tackle shop but have a post-graduate in Computing from when computers were still 486's and then when the first Pentiums came out! I have kept up with computers over the years by taking in a little work for friends and people I know and by being a member of sites like this one. At 65 years old though I find it fascinating to think that I can still remember as a small child when we got our first black and white TV. Now I use mobile phones that have more computing power than the computers that sent man to the moon. Awesome! Now I have retired, I am able to spend a little more time keeping up with technology, that is when the wife doesn't have me doing odd jobs in the house and the garden. I still love tinkering about on the computer, and when I get a chance, I like to take a computer, tablet or mobile phone to bits and find out what is wrong and fix it.
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