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Tuesday, September 17, 1974
Salem, Oregon
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I am an enologist in Oregon that had previously been a Cook, DJ and IT Professional. I still do a lot in IT but it tends to be consulting, concise contract (data recovery or forensics), collaborative concern typically digital music production or cross platform portable apps\OS . Puppy Linux, Porteus and Debian\Ubuntu are my favorite linux But I run XP and MS7 70% of the time.
I've done a lot of repairs, workarounds and spelunking in PCs. I do have some pretty rare or arcane knowledge from forensics and system recovery from rootkits and virii. So much so that I do no restore points, rarely update software unless it isn't working and dont use AV/AM software. But then again why wouldn't you if you knew how and have done bare metal recoveries and fought virii and rootkits in the wild?
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