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Friday, February 26, 1937
Cherry Hill, NJ
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I am engaged in Forensic Economics Litigation- my clients are the attorneys who represent insurance companies in high-value claims - all the work I do is confidential (not secret) - work is done in a home office - a lot of time is spent on writing report containing legal research, lots of spreadsheets. Tons of research material stored and used constantly.
Additionally - a lot of time spent on stock market activity buying/selling securities, etc.
My wife whose computer was attacked works for a Federal Court Judge - the things she sees via emails, is "restricted to user" and often "classified" stuff.
My main computer is a custom built i7 6-core); 16 gig, WIN 10 machine with multiple SSDs - all data and files are on one SSD , while C Drive is on a separate SSD; second machine is similar, but older; wife's' machine is older WIN 10 "Suzie homemaker" HP
All machines are hard-wired (Arris/Xfinity 4-port Modem/Router to HP smart switch to individual machines

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