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i am trying to get my monies worth out of these dust catcher gadgets and computers, i am still waiting for them to fulfill their promise of carefree MARVELOUS future.. and now my VHS wont work with my TV?? OK theres a idea for you, there are jillions of media center pcs out there and when it works its awesome,i think it outputs 1080p?? which means that if you used the Seiki U-Vision cable it would upgrade it to 4K on one of their $380 38" 4k displays... now that would be cool!!!

PS i really like your tech support tips, i have made good use of them, but one thing, i don't see the point of is your email opening page just being plain ol typed info and links, when i open your message i would like to see the whole shooting match in all its wide screen glory, like your home page right there out of an email..

i hope you are making a success of this and thanks for the info.. and i think you should make more links to outside cool stuff, sos your like the turned on hub plugged in tec guru with hundreds of links to awesome dream filled links ..with links to brilliant reviews and brilliant ideas for enthusiasts of whatever... hey im getting excited now!!Like yu know that new electric car,whats it called, not DeLorean, um...TESLA 'D'... 0-60 in 3.2 seconds from a 7 seater car!!! WOT!!! and the new Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, 4K camera for $899 or that secret phone the 1+. or the Seiki 65" 4k Telly for $989... all dreamy stuff...

i think you should start from the premise that it would be good if you could help people to exploit the possibilities of the computer and i like your reviewing those freebie softwares to really get some value out of their dust catchers.. people feel that they've sank say $700 into the dam thing and it was just not worth it, they want to say to themselves, see it works and its cool and honey i wasn't such an idiot buying this windows 98 thing after all, look it records every episode of dancearamaworld?? or wotever... ALL BY ITSELF HONEY, AN LOOK IVE CONVERTED the recording to TO 3D too.. AWESOME, AND IDIDNT COST ME ANOTHER DIME SEPT FOR THE FEW BUCKS I SENT TO INFOPACKETS AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON

like how to set up Skype so you could talk to the grandkids, or what actually is that messenger thingy.. hell i don't even know..

i think you've got to find some excitement in this thing again, and spread the gospel to the unknowing saps who bought the dam dust catchers which are depreciating day after day annoyingly!! and make it dead easy to donate, hell if you help me fix my computer and its easy to donate a buck by pushing a button, bam yeah its worth it, we all have to make a living.. and that would be great value, if you really get me out of a jam i might push the button 20 times or more!!!

best of success to you and thanks for the help and info... oh and i like the look of your site, wish it was wide screen.. why not

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