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StumbleUpon: Social Web Browsing

StumbleUpon is a browser toolbar which brings social networking together with web browsing. All that you need to do is join the service and download the toolbar. You then select your interests and then simply click Stumble!, and voila -- you're ... immediately transported to a web site where you can read more about a topic and even meet up with other users with similar interests. The browsers supported are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Flock, and Mozilla. Once you display a site using Stumble!, you can press the thumb-up or thumb-down button to 'vote' for that site. As you continue to do ... (view more)

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Make Windows XP Look Like Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the new and upcoming Windows operating system. Vista has much nicer eye-candy than Windows XP, and many people simply can't wait until it's rumored to be released some time in 2007. But if you can't wait for the real deal, the Vista ... Transformation Pack (VTP) might be just what the doctor ordered. VTP is freeware program that "re-skins" various elements of Windows, such as: Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, icons, the log-on and log-off screen. Vista Transformation Pack also improves upon various features, including: window transparency and a new sidebar. In ... (view more)

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Create Icons and Cursors with Paint.NET

It is possible to customize icons and cursors with MS Windows. For example: software developers often create custom icons for their applications; even webmasters and bloggers use icons (called the "favicon") for their websites. Recently, I came ... across an exemplary freeware alternative, called Paint.NET . In many ways, Paint.NET is a mix between Photoshop, Paint Shop, and MS Paint. While there aren't very many freeware plug-ins available for Paint.NET, they are both easy to install and easy to run. By itself, Paint.NET cannot edit .ICO and .CUR files; however, one plug-in in particular (aptly ... (view more)

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