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VirusRescue: The Latest Spyware Scam

One of the ways that the spyware and Trojan makers get spyware on your computer is to trick you into installing it. Just recently, I was deleting some spam on a forum I administer, I came across something that caught my eye. I was offered a video to ... watch, but I was told I had to install something to see it. I then decided to get my test computer ready, and installed the codec that I was told that I needed. Subsequently, the installed file brought spyware onto my computer. Shortly after that, I began to get pop up ads. One of those pop ups had a new program that I had not heard of before, ... (view more)

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Rootkits and Windows

Infopackets Reader S. Frisch recently asked a question regarding rootkits: " I've been hearing a lot of talk these days about 'rootkits' and how they can infiltrate Windows (regardless of whether or not you have a Firewall installed). What is your ... opinion of rootkits? I've also heard that there are programs that can help to defeat rootkits (with frequent updates): Rootkit Revealer, Ghostbuster and Blacklight. Do you think any one is better than the other? Do you think installing these programs is necessary? And if so, are there any others that are better?" Before answering this question, let' ... (view more)

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Remove SpyAxe (Removal Instructions)

Addendum: Spy Axe / SpyAxe Uninstall Instructions A note from Dennis: many users have emailed me in the past few days to rejoice (and to confirm) that the below Spy Axe removal instructions work perfectly. Please take time to read the instructions ... carefully before emailing me a related question. Also note that there is a " Part 2 " to this article near the end of the page. With that said, you are encouraged to spread the word about this post by linking to it on your favorite web forum / community / blog so that others may learn how to remove Spy Axe. If you've found this page ... (view more)

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