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Science Helps Teen Cell Phone Users Pull a Fast One

Generation Y can thank science for outsmarting their elders. Recent technology developed by a security company has produced a high frequency ring tone for cell phones that is –- for the most part -– only addible for adolescents and children under t ...he age of twenty. It allows children to receive calls and text messages while adults are none the wiser. The new technology proves useful for those in the favored age range in many different facets. Looking to break the monotony of a lecture or seatwork? Why not write a message or two to your buddies? Phone privileges axed? Why not pull a fast one ... href="/news/1276/science-helps-teen-cell-phone-users-pull-fast-one" class="more-link">view more)

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Will an Apple a Day Keep the Xbox at Bay?

As if the race for the ultimate next generation gaming experience wasn't tight enough, one of planet earth's biggest companies may be looking to get its feet wet. Sort of. Apple may be looking to go the way of arch rival Microsoft in the ... ever-expanding console gaming industry by purchasing a company whose very name is synonymous with the industry itself: Nintendo. Apple is no stranger to the home gaming industry, despite having a less-than-stellar debut in the mid 90's. In 1995, Apple released the Bandai Pippin: a home gaming console, which, to put it mildly, tanked due to its technological ... (view more)

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