Request Read Receipts for Specific Outgoing Emails: MS Outlook

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Do you have a list of important people in MS Outlook? Do you need to a way to automatically request a "Read Receipt" for these people (but not everyone you email)?

In that case, you can set up a specialized "After Sending" Mail Rule:

  1. Click Tools | Rules and Alerts, and select New Rule; this will start the Open Rules Wizard.
  2. Select the option to 'Start from a Blank Rule' (near the top of the Window); also choose the 'check messages after sending' option. Click next.
  3. In the Conditions window Step #1, checkmark "sent to people or distribution list". In Step #2, click the link to "sent to people or distribution list" and choose your list of people. When complete, click Next.
  4. In the Actions Window, checkmark "Notify me when it's read". Click next.
  5. Save the rule.
  6. Keep Clicking OK until the Rules Wizard closes.

Now every message you send that meets the rule criteria will enforce read receipts on a specific set of email addresses. Neat, huh?

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