Critical Updates: Both Internet Explorer and FireFox

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In following with Microsoft's "megapatch" on Tuesday, Mozilla Corporation updated its Firefox browser to patch a staggering 24 vulnerabilities.

The new Firefox v1.5.0.2 includes 7 patches, with 5 of them marked critical. Mozilla Corporation also released 11 new patches for the older Firefox 1.5, and 15 for the Firefox1.0x line.

Compared to Microsoft's every-second-Tuesday schedule, Mozilla Corporation releases their security updates erratically (their last update was in February, 2006). They now plan on moving to a schedule that will release their updates every six or eight weeks.

If you are running Firefox or Internet Explorer, it is extremely important that you apply the latest updates immediately. If you use Internet Explorer, you can update using the Windows Update Website:

If you use Firefox, you can simply download the updates from the browser or download the latest Firefox from Mozilla's website.

Whenever an exploit is discovered, it leaves an open opportunity for hackers to attack the vulnerabilities exposed. Symantec said it takes an average six days after the release of a security fix for another exploitation to occur. (Source: CNet:

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